Automatic Gates

RC Engineering can provide Automatic Gates for customers customised to their specifications. Get in touch and we’d be more than happy to help.

All our Gates are Hot Dipped Galvanised to ISO 1461:2009 and Polyester Powder Coated to BS EN 12206:2004 and BS EN 13438:2013.

Gates can be operated remotely or to GSM kits where you can open your gates from anywhere using your phone

Intercom systems and security cameras can all be linked to your gates.

Any new or existing gate can be automated



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Automatic Gates are a superb preventative solution that guards against intruder access, acts as a significant deterrent to crime, both small-scale and large, and helps major public installations combat attacks.

While the traditional problems such as break-ins, vandalism, and robbery, undoubtedly still exist, they have been joined by a range of sophisticated modern threats, such as risks to infrastructure, data theft, identity fraud and contamination.

Automatic Gates are a solution for the everyday and extraordinary: it protects residences from intrusion.

Automatic Gates act as access control for major distribution networks and steel fencing encloses the perimeter of maximum security facilities.