Sheffield Toastracks

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This practical and durable floor fixed cycle rack consists of pre-welded Sheffield Cycle Stand Toastracks.

Reduced installation costs and increased parking


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  • Bolt Down
  • Galvanised as standard
  • Bolts available
  • Stainless Steel available
  • Colour Coating available

INSTALLATION Supplied in sections, each module is bolted down. Surface should already be suitable for bolting onto – preferably concrete.

Stand spacing Recommended minimum stand spacing is 750mm, which is sufficient to park two cycles between double sided stands. This spacing allows the user to walk into the space while another cycle is parked against the adjoining stand and easily attach a patented lock or lock and chain to multiple points on the bike and stand. Some users prefer a spacing of 900mm or 1000mm, which allows better access to lock the cycle.

Technical Information

  • Height – 750mm
  • Material Sheffield Stand – 48mm Diameter, 3mm Wall Thickness Galvanised Mild Steel Tube
  • Material Frame – 50x25mm Box Section Galvanised Mild Steel
  • Standards – Mild steel galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 (2009)